Born in Norwich in 1978, I was fortunate to have parents who valued time spent in the great outdoors. Although I didn’t realise it at the time, regular holidays in the Lake District and other areas slowly instilled in me a sense of feeling at at ease with life when out in the landscape.

Whilst I spent many happy times exploring our diverse UK landscape, my photographic interest didn’t really start until after university. On a five week post-university trip to western Canada I took along a small Canon APS film camera, and when I went somewhere, so to did the camera. The quality of the images I took wasn’t great, but when I got the prints back I realised that whilst many images were dull others seemed to capture a sense of the landscape, and evoke an emotional response in me.

Why was this? What was it that made some of my images good, and others poor? I guess a part-time voyage of discovery took place after this – I didn’t take any formal photographic training, but I began to read books, look at other peoples’ images and continue to try and make photographic sense of the landscape around me. As the digital camera market began to grow I first purchased a decent compact, and then quickly moved to larger sensor digital cameras, with all the greater flexibility and quality that they bring.

Spend enough time in out our landscape and you’ll eventually realise that at times it will provide something special – the final rays of sunshine catching distant mountain peaks, or the first light of day illuminating a misty scene. It makes you feel alive and at times it can send a shiver down my spine.

This website has been developed to share these moments and share my work. Browse for as long as you wish, enjoy your visit, and please check back soon.



A Winter Shoot in the Lake District

A Winter Shoot in the Lake District